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In 1893, the Taylor family moved to Eagle Point, Oregon and started a Sunday School in a log house on the banks of Little Butte Creek. In 1906, property was donated and a building erected by the community for the purpose of holding church services. The first congregation was a Baptist group.

1906: General store in front, church in background. The steeple and main building still stand.

After the Baptists left, a series of ministers filled the pulpit for various terms until 1926 when the church organized as a Presbyterian congregation.  Except for a few seasons, the church continued to grow and thrive. Notable pastors during this time included J.S. Smith and Keith Fields.
Following Pastor Fields resignation, the church voted to retire the Presbyterian church and organize as a community Bible church. It was not until 1956, however, that the congregation was officially incorporated as "Eagle Point Community Bible Church."
The church continued to grow under the ministry of Floyd Pollack, Glen Wade, and Joseph Munshaw in the late 40's through 50's. New building additions and new ministries continued to be added during this time, with the official incorporation coming in 1956.

    Old Church

Warren Christen came to Eagle Point Community Bible in 1960 and stayed through 1978. More growth and remodeling occurred to the building. The church hosted a Christian kindergarten from 1977 to 1982.
In 1979, Dick Bull arrived as our pastor. We gained an expanded sanctuary, a fellowship hall, and a successful child care center which operated for 17 years.
The church enjoys a reputation where whole families are welcome, especially with outreaches to teens, children, and adults. There will be more challenges in the days ahead, but we move forward in faith.


early 90's

     a decade of growth and change


As EPCBC continues to grow, it is important to build for the next generation. That's why we as a congregation are looking to arise: arise to fellowship, arise to worship, arise to serve, and arise to give, even as we build for the future. One of the hallmarks of this was the building of a new Worship Center. You can find out the story of how God worked to bring this about by visiting our ARISE PAGE.

What is Project 21?

Project 21 was conceived a few years ago to provide a detailed, comprehensive history of EPCBC.  Part research project, part writing project, and fully a labor of love, Project 21 is not intended to make us slaves to the past and tradition, but to help us appreciate the godly heritage that is part of what EPCBC is today.
How can you help? If you live or used to live in the Eagle Point area and you have photographs, documents, old church bulletins, recordings, etc. pertaining to EPCBC,  we would like to see them.  We promise to take good care of everything and return it to you as soon as possible.   Thank you for your help.


EAGLE POINT COMMUNITY BIBLE CHURCH * 27 South Shasta Ave * PO Box 192 * Eagle Point, OR 97524 * 541-826-2767

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